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'Forgotten' by littlecrow 'Forgotten' by littlecrow
Title and summary suggested by my husband:

"The embodiment of every sole (soul) that has been singularily left abandoned in the deep dark recesses of a closet."

And as for me:

This was a shoe. I had to sculpt it. A shoe. Yeah.

The assignment was to think about a particular action word and distort the form of the shoe as we were sculpting to create a unique piece....... You can't really tell from the photo but it is actually larger than lifesize, maybe a foot long or so? The glaze is pretty uneven, but, you can't really see that in the photo. ^__^

I'm pretty happy with it, it's the first big ceramics project that I ever completed, from start to final glaze. My teacher liked it so much she put it out on display for the open house our college had back in October, brag brag brag.

We've borrowed a friend's fancy digital camera, heehee. Now I can show off some of the other work I do. Well... I can show off the ugly damned ceramics scupltures I've been doing in class.... just wait till I get a photo of the next one........ ;)
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max4525 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2006
I like your shoe, I think it would have looked better if you did not distort the form, it caught my attention because I made a shoe and a boot out of clay too, I used a different tecnique though, I made it out of slabs, take a look at it in my gallery and tell me what you think.
littlecrow Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2006   General Artist
Yeah, I think I would have rather made it like that too, but alas, that was the specifications of the class design. In my highschool class though we made a realistic cowboy boot, that was a bit different. ^_^ (I lost that one a long time ago.) This year I have no ceramics classes at all and I miss playing with clay. ^_^ Anyways, I'll take a peek at your stuff....
fates-sieve Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004
very well painted & sculpted!
raintime Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004
very cool sculpture! I really much like it :rose:
toadsmoothy Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2004
OMG! thats incredible! hahaha........its.....a SHOE! hehehe.....great work! i'm really impressed! :clap:
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November 18, 2004
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