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Night Lights by littlecrow Night Lights by littlecrow
This is in between abstract and scenery, I thought it could go into misc...

OK! No. 1, I of course must appologize for the crappy photo, it distorted the dimensions and washed out the colors a bit, and is just a bad photo in general... I am not a photographer. ^_^;

This is a painting I did for my painting class based off a photo I took of a city road at night. Acrylic on canvas, let's see, maybe 22" by 30" or something like that? Medium-sized. ^_^ This is one full day's work.

Nighttime is my absolute favorite time to be awake, I love the dark and I love the way all the lights on the street shine in the dark. Ideally this would have been a picture of city lights at night in the RAIN, with the lights reflecting in stripes on the wet street, but it hasn't rained recently, so this had to do. ^_^ I will still paint my wet nightscape someday!

I tried to abstract things up a bit, didn't quiiite turn out the way I planned, but I'm fairly pleased with the result. I'm not sure if my teacher was too crazy about it though. The only thing he said to me the entire day was "you know that flares [on the lights] are a photographic convention, and not something you actually see with your eye. Keep that in mind next time." Oh well. >_<

Let's see, what else. Sorry that I haven't been very active with my account, guys. I've been really busy with school work. (but unfortunately nothing that I want to put up here!!!) My classes this semester are quite monotonous and rigorous. This is like the first fun thing I've done since I started, so I just had to show you. My painting classes especially have been really tedious.... for six solid weeks we did nothing but self portraits in a mirror sitting on a chair. I have four damned canvasses now of me looking at myself in a mirror. Hopefully I've improved my painting skills though? Hm?

Hm. I might post the original photo in my scraps section. Maybe.
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Schlammer Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2005
This is seriously funky lookin. I love the style and the way it turned out. Despite what your teacher seemed to think I think the distorted flares of the lights are the cool. Overall a very nice artwork. And done in one day! I take ages to paint stuff, and it never looks very special anyway.
Awesome :)
Autumn-Sun Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
Awesome! Makes me think of those retro 50s diners and the paintings on the walls.
FeyCreature Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
Beautiful. I completely agree, the city's always prettiest at night, and this is a great depiction of that.
toadsmoothy Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
this is really cool! i like it a lot! too bad the photo doesn't do it justice. but i can tell its great! :clap:
littlecrow Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005   General Artist
yeah... I just snitched my husband's cheap digital camera. doesn't look toooooo too much better in real life though. ^_^
toadsmoothy Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2005
well, i like it! :) i'd maybe adjust the contrast to make the black and the colors pop more but i like it. :)
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February 16, 2005
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