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My design drawing class went to go see the Rodin show today! Three rooms full of original bronzes by Rodin, and we got to draw them. All day long. >_< It was a long day, but so satisfying. These sculptures are absolutely amazing to see in person, to see all the individual marks and nicks that the artist left in them...

Anyways. I decided to make this a mature content deviation just to be safe. "Mature content" is pretty vague to me. I would have no problem showing these to my daughter, and there were children at the museum that day, (their class was making them draw, too!) but, there was also a notice at the door that the show features nudes.... em... whatever. Mature content, just to be safe. Bite me.

SORRY FOR THE SCAN QUALITY!!! My sketchbook is two inches too big for my scanner on each side so stuff gets cut off.

Each drawing is about... oh... maybe 8" by 5" or so. I left out some smaller sketches that we had to do because they weren't very interesting and I am lazy. The sculptures are, going left to right:

Age of Bronze, The Martyr, Nude Study of Balzac (type C), The Prayer, Nude Study of Balzac as an Athlete (type F), and Adam.

Fun day!!!
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toadsmoothy Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005
nice work! :clap:
littlecrow Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005   General Artist
Thanks! It really was an awsome show.... for some strange reason though, only the design drawing classes went to go draw it. None of the the fine arts drawing classes went. You'd think THEY'D be the ones going and WE'D be the ones stuck in class drawing other crap. Oh well. ^_^
Schlammer Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2005
These are wonderful. And very well proportioned and sketched. Rodin certainly did have an eye for form and beauty. Amd so do you by the looks of these. The lighting and shading is excellent. Very nice :)
littlecrow Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005   General Artist
Thanks. My teacher said I did a good job as well so I guess I'll believe you. ^_^ It was suuuch an awsome show, Rodin pieces are great to study for figure drawings..... so precises and so expressive at the same time. So cool!!!
Schlammer Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
Awesome stuff. I'm always amazed at the power and expression that comes from an artwork if you see it in first person, rather than in a book or otherwise. I imagine Rodin figures would be amazing. Most of the stuff I've seen is just a few renaissance paintings and the like, which have an amazing character and power. We don't get much fine art exhibited here in Australia, damnation. But ohwell, very nice work :)
littlecrow Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005   General Artist
Yes, it is definately 100% different to SEE the actual thing right there in front of your nose. Firstly it makes a much better drawing, much more three dimensional and fresh, and second, it's just bloody neat to see it right there in front of your nose! You can walk around it, look at all the little details, look up close, look far away, you can check out all the little bumps and nicks that the artist left with his own hands..... We don't get much nice stuff here where I live either.... our museum was extremely lucky to get this show, and I'm lucky to have gotten a chance to go see it.... it was awsome!
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January 28, 2005
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